Hunger Awareness Week

Hunger Awareness Week

Apr 30, 2014 | News

This year Hunger Awareness Week is taking place from May 5-9, 2014.  We hope you will join us to increase awareness of the issue of hunger and the important work of food banks across Canada.

The theme for this year’s Hunger Awareness Week campaign is “Give Hunger a Voice.” We want to break the silence surrounding hunger in Canada and move it from a taboo topic to a mainstream one. We want to show the multitude and strength of the voices of hunger in Canada and show that that hunger can no longer be ignored.

To “Give Hunger a Voice” we are asking concerned community members to contribute to our online story wall of hunger.  Contributing is easy. Simply post a short written submission, video, or photo to to one of the following categories:

  • Voice Your Story – Tell your own personal story of hunger or the story of someone close to you.
  • Voice Your Support – Provide a supportive message to Canadians living with food uncertainty. Let them know you are behind them and will help them break the silence surrounding hunger in Canada.
  • Voice Your Concern – Add a post directed to Canadian policymakers showing why you think hunger in Canada is unacceptable.
  • Voice Your Solution – Share what you are doing to ease hunger in your community. It could be a story of volunteering, donating or anything else that helps those who are hungry.

To show the voice of hunger in Canada is strong and cannot be ignored we encourage all Canadians to contribute to the story wall and participate in activities supporting Hunger Awareness Week.  For more information please visit: