Be a Hunger Hero for a DAY!

Be a Hunger Hero for a DAY!

Apr 18, 2013 | News

During Hunger Awareness Week May 06-10, we want YOU and a few of your teammates to participate and have some fun with us at the Agape Centre.
We are encouraging you and your staff to volunteer for a few hours in our soup kitchen as a way of giving back to our community and to learn more about hunger.

Benefits for your business:

  • Media will interview you during and after the process;
  • You will be featured on our website as a Hunger Hero, and on our facebook page and we will tweet about you during your time spent at the Centre;
  • You will experience first-hand of what cooking and serving a hot meal means to someone who really needs it;
  • Your colleagues will not soon forget this enriching and empowering team-building activity.

The benefits will largely outweigh the cost to volunteer in our soup kitchen for a few hours. For a better understanding for what you can expect, please read our soup kitchen process Please sincerely consider volunteering with us and taking part in this community challenge. More information can be found HERE

For Hunger Awareness Week – Residents are asked to Give it Up…for Hunger to better understand the challenges of people living with hunger.
Hunger is a complex issue with many root causes and in a country as prosperous as Canada; it’s shocking to see so many struggle to get enough food.   Over 1,000 individuals turn to the Agapè Centre for support each month, and of those, 400 are children and youth. The Agapè Centre is asking all residents to mark Hunger Awareness Week – May 06 to May 10th, and to take part in our activities– to make a positive impact on the issue  of hunger across the city. 

Download our Hunger Awareness Week Poster or Hunger Awareness Week Postcard to find out what is going on that week. Check out what’s going on each day on the left sidebar!

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