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Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to be involved with the Agapè Centre. Whether you want to get hands-on in our kitchen or one of our direct service programs, see the inner workings of our organization by assisting with administrative tasks, or help us spread the word at special events, there is an opportunity that is perfect for you. While we collect much of our food during the holiday season, the need exists all year round. Consider becoming a volunteer and joining the year round fight against hunger.

There are several volunteer opportunities:

Food Bank: Assisting clients select and bag their food items, sorting food or stocking the shelves.

Soup Kitchen: Assisting with food preparation, serving and cleaning.

Thrift Store: Sorting clothes and/or merchandise, preparing/cleaning merchandise for the store, stocking shelves, filling clothing racks, helping to bag merchandise.

To learn more about volunteering, contact Pauline Brown at 613-938-9297 ext 21 or

Mail or bring in your application form to:
Agape Centre
Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
40 Fifth Street West
Cornwall, ON  K6J 2T4

Process to Become a Volunteer

Because volunteers are essential to the success of the Agapè Centre, it’s really important that there is a right match between the volunteer and the work that they will do.

We want to ensure a rich and meaningful experience for each volunteer, and we take the time to fully train our volunteers, so only candidates that are deemed a good fit will be called for an interview.

We want to make sure that all volunteers understand and believe in the mission vision and values of our organization, so that the Agapè Centre will be able to thrive.

We are looking for people who come from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, age groups, abilities and beliefs, and who have the following qualities:

  • Believe in the mission, vision and values of the Agapè Centre
  • Reliable and can commit to a regular shift
  • Non-judgmental and respectful
  • Able to learn and work independently
  • Friendly and able to work well with others
  • Able to follow policies and is professional
  • Innovators (people who have good ideas and share them)
  • No Criminal record

The Agape Centre is a non-profit organization that serves the vulnerable sector, and we have a responsibility to ensure that we protect our clients.  We are extremely thorough about selecting volunteers.

In order to make sure there is a proper fit between volunteers and the Agape Centre, this is process for becoming a volunteer:

  1. Application:

All potential volunteers must fill out an application form.  Only applications that are complete, and qualified, and meet the requirements established, will be contacted for an interview.

  1. Interview:

At the interview, the volunteer coordinator will assess the applicant and whether he or she is a good fit with the organization, and with the particular position.

This is also an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions and see if they agree with the mission, vision and values of the Agape Centre, and ultimately to decide if he or she wants to volunteer with this organization.

We will discuss the position description for which the applicant would like to volunteer, and determine whether he or she meets the qualities and skills required.

  1.  Reference check:

After a successful interview, the volunteer coordinator will call the two references provided on the application, and will ask questions about the character, reliability and ability of the applicant.

  1. Police check:

After successful reference checks, the volunteer coordinator will call the applicant and request a police check and vulnerable sector check.  All volunteers must have a police record check, and a vulnerable sector check.

The volunteer coordinator will provide the applicant with a letter that will allow the applicant to get their police check at a reduced rate.  The applicant must pay for the police check, but he or she will be reimbursed once they start volunteering.

  1. Orientation and training:

Once the police check has been done, the applicant should contact the volunteer coordinator.  They will schedule an orientation, training and first shift.

All new volunteers will receive orientation from the volunteer coordinator and departmental supervisor or employee, where all policies and procedures will be explained and agreed upon.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to ask any questions he or she may have.  The volunteer will then receive training in their new role from their direct supervisor.

  1. 2 week check-in:

After two weeks of volunteering for their regular shift, volunteers will meet with their department supervisor to discuss if both parties feel this position is a good fit.

If they both decide it is a good fit, the volunteer will continue in that department.

If either person feels that the specific role is not a good fit, they will work to find another possible good fit in a different department.

If the supervisor does not feel there is a good fit between the volunteer and the organization, the volunteer will meet with the volunteer coordinator to discuss.

  1. 3-month meeting:

Even though there is constant interaction between the volunteer, the volunteer coordinator and the area supervisor, it is important to have a brief formal meeting once the volunteer has had enough time to learn about the organization and feel comfortable in their role.  At this 3-month mark, we will discuss how the volunteer has been fitting into their role, and whether it continues to be a good fit between the volunteer and the organization.

  1. Annual review:

Once a year, each volunteer will meet with the volunteer coordinator and their department supervisor to talk about their role at the Agape Centre – what they are enjoying and not enjoying, challenges, rewards, etc.

It is important to have open communication, which helps us make sure that the volunteer is in the right role, suited to their interests, and strengths.  We also want to make sure that it continues to be a good fit between the volunteer and the organization.

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