Food Drive FAQs

What do I need to get started?
A great place to start is our website.  There, you’ll find guides, contact info, templates…plenty to help you get the show on the road.  HOST A FOOD DRIVE

Is there anyone available to speak to about starting a food drive?
Yes. Contact the Agapè Centre, and we will be happy help you out. We can be reached at 613-938-9297 ext. 127. In fact, we prefer if you contact us before you start the food drive.  In this manner, we can give you all the additional tools you may need so that your food drive is a huge success.

What items does the Agapè Centre need?
A detailed list of food items can be found on the website, what to donate or in our packages found at reception of our building.

It may seem to you that the list is very short.  We have tried to compile a list of healthy foods that are easy to buy.  Furthermore, our clients are really looking for “staples” in their cupboard.  There are many interesting perishable foods we would like to add to this list.  However, they would not be practical in a food drive.  Finally, even a “staple” such as cereal is omitted.  This is because there is a vast variety available in stores, and it is far easier for us to focus on a few brands.

How do we get the food/money to the Agapè Centre?
Food, items and monetary donations can be dropped off at the Agapè Centre or the pickup of the donations can be arranged as well.  Monetary donations can also be dropped off at the Centre.  (The tax receipt is mailed to you and takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery).  Drop-off times at our dock are Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (open until 7:00 PM Thursdays) and Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Donations can also be dropped off at our reception area Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

If we donate food, can we still get a tax receipt?
If you buy food from the grocery store, have the receipt and donate all the food that is listed on the receipt, AND if it is $20 or more, we can issue the receipt.  Simply write your name, address and phone number on the back of the receipt (or attach it to the receipt).

Does the Agapè prefer food donations or monetary donations?
We have immense gratitude for all donations.  However, with cash or gift cards we can distribute the food on a much more cost effective basis.  We can buy exactly what is needed and we do not need to spend time sorting all the different types of food that comes in and individually checking the best before date on each item coming in. Furthermore, we are able to buy in bulk quantities.  With $20 we are able to buy far more food than if you buy $20 worth of food at the grocery store.

How do I make sure that we collect the type of food Agapè really needs?
First, you can look at the food wish list so that you know what Agapè really needs.  Next, you can provide small slips of paper to people so they know what to focus on.  A focused food drive that only focuses on 3-4 items is greatly appreciated by Agapè.  It is easier to sort and actually reduces our purchasing and administrative costs.  For instance, you can choose to do a food drive for pasta, peanut butter and canned tomatoes only.

Why should we be looking for the “Best Before” date?
Be sure to educate people to look for the “Best Before” date on the cans and boxes.  When people go to the back of their cupboards, they often do not realize that the food has passed its’ best before date.  Even though the intention was admirable, the food bank has to follow strict food guidelines.  This means we have to throw out the food and it adds to our administrative costs. There is an information sheet on our website that best explains “Best Before” and expiration dates.

Is an Agapè Centre representative available to stop by our event?
Yes, we would be happy to stop by (subject to availability). Just contact us at 613-938-9297 extension 127 or

Are there any statistics we can use to help inform the people we intend to solicit donations from?
Yes. Swing on over to our website for some useful stats on hunger.

Can we use the Agapè Centre logo in our print material or online?
Indeed you can use our logo. It is available for downloading on our website.