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  • 40 5th Street W, Cornwall, Ontario

History and Mission

Our focus is food. Good food. Food is a human basic need.

We boldly believe that everyone – regardless of income – deserves good food.

Hunger lives here in our neighbourhoods, maybe even next door to you. Food poverty, the lack of access to nutritious and affordable food, exists here in Cornwall.

Our purpose is to help reduce the impact that poverty has on the lives of people in our community by providing free and nutritious food. We do this through the food bank (LINK) and soup kitchen (LINK).

The Agapè Centre was founded in 1971 with the simple belief that no man, woman or child should go hungry. Agapè is a Greek word that means love and it is with dignity, compassion, openness and respect that we serve those in need in our community. It is Cornwall’s largest food bank and only regular soup kitchen.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, religions, genders, and orientations, as well as anyone experiencing mental or physical health issues or struggling with addiction. We believe everyone deserves to be treated in a fair and equal manner.

We care for the people who come to use our services, so the decisions we make in our planning, operations, and policies are based on how best we can serve clients. We also partner with community organizations to address the issues of hunger and poverty, to improve access to food and to create awareness of the issues we have locally.

We are a community driven non-profit charity, powered by the generosity of donors, partners, volunteers, and staff who share in our vision. We are excited about the changes we are making here at Agapè.