We are so happy you’ve heard about our services and we look forward to helping you in the ways we can.

We are here to help ease the impact that poverty has on the lives of people here in our community.

We believe everyone deserves respect, compassion, and to be treated in a fair and equal manner.

At the Agapè Centre, we believe in the power of good food, so we make it a priority to give out fresh and healthy foods in our food bank, and to serve nutritious and delicious meals in our kitchen.


We offer 2 free services: the Food Bank and soup kitchen.

You may notice our focus on fresh food and healthy options. This is because we believe that food can be nutritious and delicious at the same time, and as a Good Food Organization we value the Good Food Principles.

All clients must book a food bank appointment with our receptionist by calling 613-938-9297 ext. 126.

The appointments for new clients are scheduled, and are approximately 15 minutes long.  During this time, we will explain our services and how you can use them, intake some information, go over our policies, and you can ask any questions you might have. Clients must renew their application yearly.

Paperwork required

We only need to verify the paperwork once a year for existing clients, and require the following documents for every new client:

  1. Identification for every member of the family: This tells us how many people are in your household so that you are given the proper sized food bank order.
  2. Proof of address: This helps us make sure that each client lives within our service area, and if not, we will refer you to the food service agency closest to your home.
  3. Current proof of income (pay stubs, O.W. & ODSP stubs, E.I. etc): This tells us if you meet the eligibility criteria in order to use our services (see eligibility section below).
  4. Current rent receipt or lease agreement: This helps us to better understand the financial needs of your household.
  5. Parents with child visitation must provide current court papers, C.A.S. or letter of agency equivalent.


The Agapè Centre welcomes people of all walks of life – the only criteria we consider in order to access our services is financial need.

In order to be consistent, we use Statistics Canada Low Income Cut Offs (LICO) chart as a guideline to determine the eligibility for services.

2017 LICO

Community Size 30,000 to 99,999

Size of Family Gross Yearly Income Gross Monthly Income
1 Person $24,600 $2,050
2 Persons $30,625 $2,552
3 Persons $37,650 $3,137
4 Persons $45,712 $3,809
5 Persons $51,846 $4,320
6 Persons $58,473 $4,873
7+ Persons $65,101 $5,425