More than 1,000 Cornwall families need help this Christmas

In recent years, the Children’s Christmas Fund has joined hands with the Agape Centre to formulate a common list for distribution of food vouchers and food baskets.

Since 1993, the Children’s Christmas Fund and the Agape Centre have been involved in distributing food and toys to needy families.

“Distribution of food remains a priority for service club members,” said Morgan. The food items will be distributed Dec. 19 to area families from the Cornwall Armouries.

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Please share your warmth with a child.

The Agapè Centre purchases 500 snowsuits a year to give to children in need. No matter what you are able to give, each and every dollar counts right now. We must continue to ensure that no child is left out in the cold. To do that, we rely entirely on donations to fund the program. The staff & volunteers at the center is committed and thanks to their commitment, we are able to keep our administrative costs low and focus 100% of our financial resources on purchasing snowsuits.

We must continually, however, seek out new ways in which we may sustain our program. We hope that you will consider supporting this most worthwhile endeavor.

Please purchase a snowsuit right now.


Agape’s Snowsuit Fund

Every year, we receive over 500 snowsuit requests for kids up to the age of 16 & that’s a lot of cold kids. The need is real & present. Please help kids of less fortunate families in Cornwall have one very basic necessity: warmth during our bitter winter.

I can’t express how grateful I am to receive 3 snowsuits for my daughter and 2 sons. Without your support, they would of endured a difficult winter – A Cornwall single mother


Fourth Annual Wine, Dine and All that Jazz Festival

On September 28th, the Agapè Centre will be swaying to the transcended notes of jazz at our fourth annual Wine, Dine and All that Jazz Festival. This signature fundraising event consists of YOU and other Agapè supporters enjoying live jazz and dance. All monies raised will support our local food bank which is a tangible resource for Cornwall families in need. Cornwall children really benefit from the food that is given freely at our food bank which assists those who are going through some challenging times. The Agapè Centre will keep providing meals as long as there are hungry kids in Cornwall. We recognize that there is a need here and want to offer as much support and help to those in need in our community.

We count on your support Cornwall.

FALL “Back to School” SALE!

Saturday, August 25th, we’re celebrating Back to School in our Thrift Store… get 20% OFF when you spend $25 or more on clothing, shoes and accessories!
Plus we’ll be doing a food drive at Baxtroms You’re Independent Grocer!
We will be collecting food from 9-4 and you can help by donating canned meat, juice boxes, Mac & Cheese and school snacks!

Hunger doesn’t take a vacation

Childhood hunger is a reality all year and summer is the hardest time without school breakfast and snack programs. The extent of hunger among children reflects the circumstances of their parents. Parents are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their children are well fed. However, if parents deprive themselves of food so that their children may have enough to eat but their children go hungry nevertheless, then hunger is as much a problem for the parents as for their children.

Children constitute about 39 percent of the people assisted by our food bank. Children cannot be responsible for their overall well-being. However, their current and future well-being is seriously disadvantaged if hunger becomes a normal part of childhood. For many children in Cornwall, summer means living without the additional fruits and school breakfast meals, and watching their parents struggle to get food on the table. Many of them will have to go without and parents, during the summer months, are faced with the stress of how to provide those meals. We want to ensure that every child has a proper meal this summer but we can’t do it alone!

Although we attempt to mitigate this unfortunate situation by providing families with more groceries and better food choices like fresh garden vegetables, we are also calling on YOU to help! Let’s work together to alleviate some of this tragedy.

If you are inspired to get involved and provide summer meals to children in need, here are some food drive ideas to get the wheels turning.

Cereal Drive: Every child (and adult!) should begin the day with a full breakfast. One thing the Agapè Centre can never have too much of is cereal. The families we serve are always grateful to receive cereal from our food bank. If you’re considering coordinating a food drive this summer, why not focus on collecting this high-priority item? Drives that concentrate on one type of food often generate a great response and nothing beats a few boxes of healthy breakfast cereal. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats and general Mills Cheerios are excellent choices.

Summer Holidays: Chances are you’ll find yourself at or hosting a cookout this summer. In addition to spending time with our family and friends why not make it an opportunity to fight hunger this summer? Are you planning to make your famous macaroni salad for Uncle Bill’s party AGAIN this year? While the Agapè Centre cannot accept prepared food items, consider picking up some extra ingredients at the store and bringing them on over to us. Any canned or boxed shelf-stable items are appreciated and encouraged!

Day Camp: If you are working at, or attending, camp this summer, consider organizing a food drive to benefit the Agapè Centre. Collecting for a couple weeks or as part of a one day event can boost camp spirits while providing food to those in need. Brewing up a friendly competition is a great way to raise some impressive donations. Consider incorporating an educational aspect to the drive so campers get a sense of just how serious the issue of hunger is and why donating is so important.

The food raised during a drive will help support and strengthen the work that the Agapè Centre does for the Cornwall community, particular its’ most vulnerable.


While everybody has experienced the discomfort of mild hunger at some point, most people living in Canada don’t know the full extent of negative effects that hunger can have on the human body. Along with the negative physical effects, hunger can also lead to serious mental problems.

Kids who are chronically malnourished don’t grow as tall as they should (a condition referred to as stunted growth) and are underweight as well.

The signs and symptoms of malnutrition depend on which nutritional deficiencies a person has, although they can include:

  • fatigue and low energy
  • dizziness
  • poor immune function (which can cause the body to have trouble fighting off infections)
  • dry, scaly skin
  • swollen and bleeding gums
  • decayed teeth
  • slowed reaction times and trouble paying attention
  • underweight
  • growth
  • muscle weakness
  • bones that break easily
  • problems with organ function
  • problems learning

Agapè’s Weeding Out Hunger Harvest Dinner & Auction

Join us in celebrating the second season of the Agapè Centre’s “Weeding Out Hunger” Garden.

Enjoy a fresh buffet dinner and live auction. All proceeds will be used for next year’s garden.
We are proud to say that Thousands of people were served fresh produce in our Soup Kitchen and Food Bank due to the success of our garden last year.
Be part of this amazing project!

When: Friday, August 24, 2012 – 5pm
Where: Fountaingate Christian Assembly – 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall
Price: $30.00
Tickets can be purchased online at HERE or at the Agapè Centre at 40 Fifth Street W, Cornwall.

For more information call 613-938-9297