What We Do

There is no single solution to food poverty, but there are immediate steps that make a definitive impact in the community we serve. The Agapè Centre is the largest food bank and soup kitchen program in Cornwall, Ontario supporting over 1200 clients each month. We provide emergency food relief and clothes for those who need it most. In addition, we partner with local community organizations to address the issues of hunger and poverty, to improve the access to food and basic resources and to create awareness to the issues we have locally.

Our dedicated staff works with the Ontario Association of Food Banks, local grocery stores and local wholesalers to purchase and bring food that the Agapè food bank distributes to community members in need. We strive to improve access to healthy food to those struggling in hunger. The Agapè Centre cultivates strong relationships with a network of agencies to ensure that our services are reaching as many residents as possible to assist those in need.

The Agapè Centre relies 100% on the donations of time, food, money, clothing and other household items from the community to help families that access our services. Without this support, we would not be able to continue to serve the numbers that are in need.