Q: What is the Agapè Centre?

A: The Agapè Centre is Cornwall’s largest hunger relief organization, providing emergency food and access people at risk of hunger and poverty throughout Cornwall and area.

Q: Where is the Agapè Centre located?

A: 40 Fifth Street West, Cornwall, Ontario K6J 2T4
(613) 938-9297

Q. Where are the donation bins?

A:  Agape Centre, 40 Fifth Street West, Cornwall, Ontario K6J 2T4

Pop Shoppe, 101 Emma Avenue, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 5C7

Q: Is it better to drop things off at the donation bins or bring them directly to the dock?

A: The donation bins are there for convenience after hours. Keep in mind that if things are placed outside of the donation bins, those items are subject to theft and damage by the weather. If you have high value items, it’s best to bring it directly to our dock, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:00PM (open until 7:00PM Thursday). Saturday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. In our store, we take pride in properly pricing our items so that more money can go to our much needed services.

Q: Can we give ripped and stained clothing or only good quality clothing that can be sold through the store?

A: We do get money for soiled and ripped clothing even if we do not sell those clothes in our store. We now receive bags that have been labeled “recycled” which are full of those types of clothing. You can just put a masking tape on the bag that says “recycled” on it. This helps us sort through our clothes faster and help keep our sorting costs lower.

Q: I don’t understand why the Agapè Centre can’t just take everything and sort what they need. They are already getting their donations for free.

A: Our garbage disposal fees last year were over $12,000 alone. This did not include the other costs we incur such as our staff to sort through the items we cannot sell in our store. When something does not sell, we have to pay our staff to bring the items to the dump. Given the fact that all our net proceeds go to the food bank that serves over 1200 people a month, it is important to us to try and sort through the donated items as efficiently as possible.

Q: Does the Agapè Centre pickup at peoples’ houses?

A: We used to, however our operating costs outweighed the expense and couldn’t continue to maintain within our budget.

Q: What types of items do you sell in the store?

A: In essence, the practical day-to-day stuff that is in gently used to good condition. Pots and pans sell well but not decorative salt and pepper shakers. Tables, chairs, coffee tables, household appliances in good condition all sell well. On the other hand, large wall units and old sofas do not.

Gently used womens’ clothing sells very well in the store.

Books from current popular authors sell well.

When deciding to give things to Agapè to resell, it’s best to think in terms of “Will it sell in the store?”. If you are unsure, it’s best to come to the dock. Our staff will gladly give you some assistance.

Q: What happens to donated items that aren’t sold at the Agapè Thrift Store?

A: Our goal is to generate money to fund Agapè’s food bank and soup kitchen, as well as, helping those in need. Quality, gently used items are sold in the store to help fund our services. We are also able to generate additional revenue by recycling clothes, shoes and purses.

Q: If I shop at the Agapè Thrift Store, will I be depriving disadvantaged people of the items they need?

A: No, not at all. By purchasing items at the Agapè Thrift Store, you are in turn helping the people who are in need in this community! The Agapè Thrift Store is a store for everyone. The proceeds of the money spent in the Agapè Thrift Store is put back into the centre.

Q: Does all of the net profit go towards the Food Bank and Soup Kitchen?

A: Yes.

Q: Who does Agapè help?

A: Agapè serves the working poor, those with barriers to employment and includes people with limited work history, who have experienced corporate downsizing and recipients of government support programs. We also serve seniors, low-income families and individuals who are on disability supports.

Q: Does Agapè offer volunteer opportunities?

A: Yes!  For further information and details on obtaining an application for volunteering, please feel free to consult our website or contact Pauline Brown: (613) 938-9297 ext. 21 or volunteercoordinator@agapecentre.ca.

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