October 15, 2018

Only $5 per ticket ! You can win an assortment of gift cards valued at $1000 to local establishments including grocery, gas, restaurants and much more!! Only 1 prize to be won so increase your odds with multiple tickets! Tickets on sale now at the Agapè Centre’s New For You thrift store.

On September 21, 2018, the Agapè Centre’s Board of Directors hosted their first Golfing To End Hunger Tournament at Summerheights. Despite the strong winds and the morning downpour, we had a beautiful day of golf and an even better evening with food, laughs, and a successful silent auction ! Thank you to our golfers, Hole […]

Tickets on Sale Now! Only $30 This year’s event for Empty Bowls will be held at Paroisse Ste-Thérèse Parish On November 18, 2018. Join us as we serve up some delicious soups in our local one-of-a-kind pottery bowls. Try as many soups as you can handle and you get to keep the bowl! Another great […]

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